Bespoke Training

I am an experienced trainer on a range of psycho-social themes, designed to provide practical knowledge, insight and strategies to support workers in counselling, education and social care.

I draw on the latest research findings, structure the learning to provide opportunities for discussion and interaction and emphasise practical solutions.  As a qualified teacher, with additional training and experience in delivering to professional adults, I can promise a training experience that is open to participants' interests and concerns, and relevant to their working lives. People attending my training have had this to say:


  • 'A very unique approach; I found the end results very eye-opening, especially the discussion afterwards.'

  • 'Tailored to the needs of our staff and able to transfer easily to our workplace.'

  • 'I was made to feel very comfortable during discussions.'

  • 'Exceptional trainer with excellent engagement skills ... Mary was well-informed about the subject matter which made a lot of difference to the day.'

  • 'Fantastic - felt amazing.  I really enjoyed the relaxation exercises and was able to be "in the zone".'


My training is relevant to those working in education, social care, health care, residential care and mental health.  It can support staff in a wide range of roles, from managers to frontline workers to volunteers.  It enables organisations to take a pro-active approach to supporting the well-being of their staff and to fulfilling their duty of care.


If you are interested in commissioning training, and would like to discuss the particular needs of your staff team, please contact me for more information.​​​​​​​​​  See below for some examples of training packages I have provided; I am very open to exploring designing bespoke training relevant to your needs.

Early Attachment and its Impact on Children and Young People

Having a good foundational understanding of attachment provides a way of viewing behaviour and relational dynamics in children and young people that essentially supports behaviour management, pastoral care and the design of learning activities, particularly for children or young people who have experienced disruptions to their attachment and/or trauma in their upbringing.  In this training, I provide information that we then use to explore the meaning of certain behaviours in children and ways of supporting them to develop their emotional regulation and self-awareness.  It is also relevant to how we structure learning for children who have suffered trauma

Mental Health First Aid

Understanding the importance of the mental health continuum from resilience to adversity is increasingly important in any service that seeks to develop and draw upon the skills of its workers and clients.  In this training, I detail that continuum, provide practical training in effective responses to people in need and explore the ways that organisations can promote the resilience of those they work with and for. This training, as all my delivery, is specifically designed to take into account the specific workforce and the populations it serves.

Stress in Caring Professions 

Staff in caring roles are the primary resource in achieving successful outcomes for those receiving their service - if they are not supported, they can not successfully support those accessing their help.  But people working in caring professions can often find themselves stressed in a very particular way. As well as the usual challenges of long working hours, high workloads and increasing expectations, supporting others, especially those who are vulnerable or at risk, challenges our capacity for empathy and our skills for managing our own emotional reactions. Compassion fatigue can be a real risk.  In this training, I provide information about the mechanisms and warning signs for burn-out and opportunities to discuss the experience of working in caring professions while also offering techniques for self-care and the  further development of personal resilience.




I have also delivered training on other mental health and relational topics and skills, including issues such as bereavement, self-harm, trauma, adolescent brain development, stress, listening skills, peer support schemes and safeguarding. Please contact me via the Contacts page for further discussion.

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