Counselling can be helpful for a wide range of concerns - from issues in the past to those in the present or future.  As it is a place where you can get time to think and discuss, there really aren't any set rules about what you might talk about.  
People who have come to counselling with me have used it to explore and find ways to deal with a wide range of issues, including:
  • new situations at work or at home
  • changes in family relationships
  • future plans or choices
  • feeling anxious or worried
  • dealing with loss
  • being low or depressed in thier mood
  • relationships with others
  • managing stress 
  • feeling uncomfortable or unhappy with themselves or their bodies
  • struggling with unhappy or distressing memories
  • coming to terms with bereavement
If you don't see what's concerning you in the list above - give me a call or book an introductory session.  If I can't help you, I'll try to refer you on to someone who can, but it is very likely I will be able to offer you appropriate support.  
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